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We know, we know. Since last year we’ve been talking non-stop about life on the backroads and Backroads Brewing Company, but evidently there’s lots of back porch, backwoods, and backyards. Which makes our place not so easy to remember, or tag on social media. So, in an effort to be 100% unique and completely unforgettable we hit the round table to come up with a name that better represents everything about us and how this whole beer passion started.

No, we don’t have a fox petting zoo on-site or twelve fox tails hanging over the bar, there’s actually a lot more meaning behind it. 12 Fox is where the guys got their start when they joined the army as combat engineers. If it wasn’t for this MOS Joe & Aaron wouldn’t have been stationed in Germany or exposed to delicious European Craft Beer. This experience overseas was a big part of their lives and their families lives, so naming the brewery something more meaningful seemed appropriate and frankly more us!

Our vision continues to be the same regardless of our name - to create a welcoming, relaxing space, where you can kick back, enjoy a great (high-quality) beer, and make memories with the people who matter most to you.

This transition has been in the works for awhile as evident in the change in the taproom’s color scheme and overall vibe. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes (website & marketing) to get us to today and we are thrilled to FINALLY unveil our new name and look. Things are getting pretty serious and we are chugging right along to be completed for our Grand Opening this Memorial Day weekend! We will continue to post updates of our progress, roll-out calendar events, and share whatever else is going on here at 12 Fox!

We cannot thank you enough for all your continued support! And hope you are ready to catch the fox this Memorial Day weekend!

Family. Country. Beer.

-Joe, Stacey, & Aaron

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