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The Fox Hole

12 Taps (obviously)

Meticulously crafted small batch brews. Single sourced Malt. High-quality European master crafted beer.

Not a beer drinker? Don’t wine about it. We don’t understand you, but we’ve got you covered. Java? You bet. Get your caffeine kick... we’ve got Nitro Coffee on tap and coffee by the cup for those that like smooth organic brew. Gotta keep it gluten free? Try our Cider.

Beer, wine, coffee, cider, & whatever else strikes our fancy. We’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone in our taproom.
Our rotating taps are seasonal. Just like our days in Texas.

On Tap This Week

- Julie

- Bettie

- Fest Bier

- Wickiup Wheat *American Wheat Ale

- Hefe

- Pils 101

- Negro Sombrero

Helles On Wheels

German Pale Lager (Helles)

A medium bodied, malt focused beer with a grainy – sweet graham cracker and biscuit taste.

It has a rounded palate impression with a dry floral hop finish.

6.5 %
IBUS 17.9

Slam Dunkel

Chocolate Dunkel

A medium bodied, Munich malt focused beer with the addition of caramel and chocolate malts.

5.9 %

Everyday Hefe

German Hefeweisen

Top fermented & lots of malted wheat makes for a medium bodied pale, fruity, wheat ale with hints of banana and clove.

"Hefe" means "yeast" in German and "Weizen" means "wheat" which explains the unfiltered and cloudy appearance.

4.7 %

McGregor Irish Red

Irish Red Ale

A medium bodied, malt focused ale with an initial sweetness and a roasted dry finish.

It has a moderate caramel malt flavor with buttered toast or toffee like quality.

6.1 %
IBUS 29.4

Belgian Saison

Pale Ale

A medium bodied ale with high fruitiness, low hop, moderate herb and spice aroma.

Flavor is supported by the soft malt character and has a presence of tart sourness.

6.0 %


Belgian Tripel

A medium, light bodied ale with complex aromas and flavors of clove, spice, and stone fruit.

9.4 %

Negro Sombrero

Vienna Lager

"Black Hat"

A copper color lager with a soft, elegant maltiness that dries out in the finish. It has a light flavor and aroma of toast.

5.3 %

Nelson IPA


A medium bodied, soft aggressive bitter beer, that contains a light sweet malt flavor from the use of pale malt. The hops dominate the flavor and aroma profile.

Those flavors include white wine, gooseberry and grape infused flavors from the Nelson Sauvin hops, along with hints of grapefruit from the Cascade hop, a Mojito lime character from the Motueka hop, as well as elderberry with flora from the Willamette hop.

8.0 %
IBUS 57.8

Whiskey Beer?

Belgian Strong

Belgian Dubbel on Oak is a medium bodied ale with complex aromas and flavors of clove, spice, fruit, with hints of chocolate and caramel.

Additionally, the whiskey and vanilla flavors are brought out by the oak.

7.0 %

Pilsner 101

Bavarian Pilsner Lager

A medium bodied pale lager that is clean, crisp, and refreshing with a hop bitterness in the finish.

5.6 %

Scotch Ale

Scotch Ale

A full bodied, rich, malty beer with kettle caramelization and hints of roasted malt.

10.3 %

Gateway IPA


For Beginners

A medium bodied, highly hopped beer with only late addition hops.

The hop character has passion fruit, grapefruit, pineapple, grape, and lemongrass overtones.

7.3 %
IBUS 60.6


Foreign Export Stout

The award winning beer that started it all.

A full bodied, creamy dark beer with coffee and chocolate roast flavors.

6.9 %
IBUS 48.6

Trappist Single

Belgian Tripel

Similar to a Belgian Tripel, but lower in strength. This is a pale yellow beer with fruity (peach or pear) – spicy (peppery or clove) aroma character. The flavor is complementary to the aroma.

This beer is fruity, hoppy, bitter, and dry. It starts with an initial malty, sweet impression and ends with a hoppy, dry finish.

6.0 %


Fest Bier

A medium bodied, smooth, clean, malty beer with a toasted quality. It has a firm enough hop bitterness in the finish to balance the beer and dry it out to give a sense of crispness. It is not heavy for the ABV.

7.0 %
IBUS 24.8


Friday 3-9
Saturday 12-9
Sunday 12-7


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